2018 was a very special year for the Golden Globe Awards, it was the 75th award ceremony. The film and American television award show was broadcasted live on January 7th from The Beverly Hilton in California. Hosted by Seth Meyers, this year’s show featured some major shocks and breath-taking speeches.

Despite the award show being packed with exciting events and eye-catching moments, one moment that caught everyone’s attention, was Oprah Winfrey’s speech. After becoming the first black woman to win the Cecil B DeMille, Oprah had the crowd in owe. The superstar shed the light on a terrible incident, when describing the story about a black woman who was assaulted by six men and were never brought to justice.

“Far too long, women have not been heard or believed if they dared speak their truth to the power of those men” she said. Then added “But their time is up. Their time is up. Their time is up”

This year’s Golden Globe awards was completely different to previous award ceremonies, with all people attending dressed in all black. This was to raise awareness on the ‘Time’s Up’ campaign, which was created to make a stand against gender inequality in the workplace. Which then had a knock-on effect to the hair and make-up looks, with a large amount of people choosing subtle hair styles and simple make up. Benito was still able to pick out a few great looks from the night…