Microblading is the newest, innovative treatment taking the brow beauty industry by storm. Microblading is a technique giving you ‘ready to go’ brows that replicate your natural brow strokes. It takes only 2 hours and lasts up to 2 years and with Benito your retouch is free of charge! But as with everything good in life some small sacrifices have to be made…

  1. This may sound very strange but it is better to have drier skin on the day as opposed to moisturised and dewy skin; this is because when your skin is full of moisture it has a layer over your skin that acts as a barrier. Microblading requires pigment to be put under the skin, therefore it needs to sink right in not bounce out.


  1. No fish oil tablets should not be taken prior to your treatment (along with consumption of alcohol) this is due your blood thinning out. Therefore, in your healing process this will increase the amount of scabbing you will encounter and delay your healing time – We’re not sure about you but if we could reduce the scabbing process in any way, we would!


  1. Keep away from tanning products for 1 week before and after your treatment. The Microblading treatment requires making small incisions in the skin to create your desired brow. So, if you go over the top of these with a fake tan or spray tan then that may go into the cuts/ scabbing which we wouldn’t recommend…


Many influencers have had their brows Microbladed and loved their results people such as Tanya Burr, Samantha Maria, Tia Ward

We hope this helps if you are still deciding to start your Microblading journey.

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