We love our wow lash extensions here at Marco Benito, so much that we want you to get the best out of the lashes! We give you the five top tips that we recommend to keep those lashes looking perfect and fluttery for longer.

Sleep on your back
Bad news side and front sleepers! Sleeping with your face in your pillow can actually cause your extensions to fall out quicker. Try to sleep on your back, so your lashes can stay untouched while you catch some zzz’s.

Be gentle
If you do wear heavy eye make up, try not to scrub and pull at your eyes too much as you can actually pull off your lashes! The best way to remove eye make up is to soak a cotton pad with micellar water, we recommend the Garnier Micellar Water – and then place each cotton pad gently onto your eyes and wipe away.

Mind your eyes
Try to avoid heavy, greasy eye creams at night. These will actually break the bond between the lashes and your natural lashes, resulting in patchy lashes! If you do apply eye cream, just make sure to avoid the lash area completely.

Avoid waterproof mascara
Although you don’t have to wear mascara once you have lash extensions, sometimes you might want to add some extra drama to your look. In that case, avoid waterproof formulas, they’re much harder to remove and will end up pulling off your lashes!

Seal it
Applying an eyelash sealer every morning will keep your lashes in place, longer. We recommend the Nouveau Lashes Coating Sealant that we sell along side our lashes. Believe us, it’s the best £16.99 you’ll ever spend!

Do you get your lashes done with Marco Benito? Do you have any top tips to keep them looking extra wow for longer? Tweet us! @marco_benito