At Marco Benito HQ we understand that as a male you are more open to upping your grooming regime. So, we wanted to share some tips on how you can keep your facial hair in check. Will you be joining the #BeardGang or growing a Mo this Movember?

  • Have you let your face fuzz run free this Movember and now you’re struggling with unruly beard hair? Instead of buying expensive waxes and combs all you need is a normal beard / hair wax and any type of toothbrush. Use the toothbrush to dip into the wax and then spot any unruly beard hair and tame it by brushing it in the direction of your hair growth; the fine bristles on the toothbrush will make sure that it stays in place!
  • Brow mascara… some men may look at this and think to themselves ‘I don’t do makeup’ but little do you know this is the brow tamer you’ve been looking for! If you’re afraid of using colour, use a clear brow gel such as Rimmel London ‘Brow This Way’– which contains Argan Oil which will encourage your hair to grow thick and healthy. This brow gel is a multi-purpose tool, if you’re growing a Mo this Movember; It is the perfect product to keep your tache in place.
  • Invest in a monthly manicure! It is essential that everyone looks after their nails and keeps them in perfect condition. The best way to do this is by visiting Marco Benito Salon once a month for a spa or ultimate manicure (minus the gel polish!) This will leave you with shaped & cuticle free nails.
  • Is your beard feeling slightly dry? Try Marco Benito’s DIY beard oil for a silky, smooth and moisturised beard, especially through these Winter months. You can do this with just 3 ingredients; • Vitamin E oil – to repair any damaged hair follicles and promote growth • Any scented essential oil – cleanses hair follicles • Unrefined Coconut oil – to add moisture back into each strand Apply this once you get out of the shower as this is the perfect time when your pores are open.
  • To keep your brows in check we recommend visiting Marco Benito salon for an eyebrow shape every 2 weeks. Our Brow experts will be on hand to give you the shape you’ve always desired! You don’t need a full ‘eyebrow shape’ every visit you can simply have a tidy up and still keep those bushy brows. This Movember we will be offering a complimentary beard line tidy with every brow shape.

We hope you can fight the face fuzz and give everyone brow envy this Movember!