We don’t know about you, but when it comes to growing out our gappy brows – well, ain’t nobody got time for that! Filling your eyebrows with a powder or pencil is a quick fix for sparse brows that have been subject to over-plucking or experimentation by your older sister…

Here’s a step by step guide to filling in and bridging gaps when there’s just no time for regrowth.

1.     Clean and brush.
You want to make sure what you’re working with is clean and you have brushed your brows like nobody’s business. Brush using a spoolie so that it makes it easy for you to identify the shape, and any gaps you need to fill.

2.     Starting point.
Where you start applying product is key. Eyebrow pencils are a great way to define the shape of the brow whereas powder products are better for filling in the brow and creating a soft look. To get the most natural look, start applying product along the arch of your brow and work towards the ends, and then blend to the start of the brow.  This gives you a soft, natural start to the brow and avoids a Sharpie-looking pair!

3.     Mimic the hairs.
Using short, dash-like strokes when you apply gives the most natural looking brow as this mimics the real hairs. Apply more pressure on the arch and the ends of your brows to give a defined shape and use less pressure at the start of the brows to create a soft start.

4.     Blend.
Blending is a girl’s best friend… Brush through the brows again to blend and soften any harsh lines or pigment.

5.     Set the look.
The step that holds everything together… Literally. Use a brow gel to keep rebellious hairs in place and tame the shape of the eyebrows.

Why not show us your brows filled in, or let us know how you like to fill them in and tweet us @marco_benito…