We have been asked many times does microblading on dark skin still give you the amazing brows you desire and the answer is… YES! Yet there are a few things you need to consider prior to your treatment.

  1. Don’t go black!


If on your first visit you go for a black pigment you cannot reverse this! Always start off by going for a dark brown colour and if you then decide to go darker our Microblading expert can advise this on your retouch!


  1. Undertone does matter


If you have cool undertone skin it is always best to use a warmer tone and the exact same for warm undertones always go for a cooler tone!


  1. Hyperpigmentation can occur


There is always a risk when doing anything on darker skin that hyperpigmentation can occur but you can do your best to prevent this by ensuring you always use good sun protection on your Microbladed brows.


  1. Your Retouch is essential


Ensure that you book in your retouch 4-6 weeks later on your first visit as this is included in the price! Your brows will go patchy and due to different people having a different reaction to the pigment this may make the brows slightly warmer / cooler than they previously were but this can all be resolved on your visit!

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When the whole family is in purple.

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