Quick question… How many of you have Shellac nails? Ask yourself this same question after reading this.

There is nothing worse than chipping a freshly applied manicure, it is literally unfixable. It makes it worse if you went out of your way to a salon and actually paid, which is exactly why we have Shellac manicures. Shellac nails usually last up to at least two weeks and do not chip or even fade.

Many manicurists didn’t know how well this would catch on, but weeks after being released it was an instant hit with nail varnish lovers everywhere. “The versatility and range of shellac colours” helps them sell so easy. A lot of people think that Shellac nails only come in a select few colours. Here at Marco Benito, we have hundreds of nail colours to choose from to suit you! Better still, you can add glitter, chrome and other nail art to them.

Take a look below to see our best sellers, here at Marco Benito…


All year-round Oxblood Shellac is a popular pick for our clients. However, this time of year it sells extremely well – it is the perfect shade for the Winter. It gives your hands that warm winter feel and matches with most outfits in the Winter season. Did someone say mulled wine?


This colour can add so much colour to your everyday outfit – if you’re going for the basic look, these nails will bring your outfit to life. As red is one of our favourite Christmas colours, this Wildfire Shellac is excellent for this time of year.

Dark Dahlia

Like Oxblood, Dark Dahlia is quite a warm colour to have for your nails. They are both perfect for this season, to get you geared up for Winter.

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