At Benito we love a Brow Shape & Tint! It gives you fuller looking Brows for weeks and cuts down your morning beauty regime.

Eyebrow tinting takes no more than 10 minutes

Just lay back, relax and our brow expert will work their magic. It can take up to no more than 10 minutes.


Acts as a guide if you fill in your eyebrows with make-up

If you fill in your brows with make-up, then tinting will act as a guide. That means more time is cut from your morning routine, and you can feel confident and ready to take on the day!


Darkens eyebrow hairs, even the finest hairs so it’s easy to see where to remove hair

It darkens even the finest of hairs, so it makes the brows look fuller and helps the technician to see where to remove all the unwanted hairs. When used in conjunction with other treatments such as threading, this results in a defined brow. Which can last 1-2 weeks.


Makes eyebrows look thicker

Tinting makes the eyebrows look thicker, so the sparse areas become less noticeable. If you have fine brow tails, you’ll walk out of a tinting session with full brows!


Get that ombre brow look

Ask your technician to remove the tint at the front of your brows earlier than the rest this will then give you an ombre effect – looking very defined and natural


Benito Tip – Don’t wash your face immediately after a Brow Tint wait one day and you will see your results lasting longer!