Ever since Meghan was introduced to the public eye, there has been one feature that has caught everyone’s attention. Meghan’s outfits are a sell out, so are her brows.

The British public instantly took a liking to the photos from Prince Harry and Meghan’s engagement, and had everyone talking about it on social media! Here at Benito HQ we all think that Markle has the modern-day ‘power brow’, natural, bold and frames her face perfectly. You may have heard brow enthusiasts talk about Cara Delevinge, Kate Middleton and Lily Collins, who as well rock the Power Brow.

WOW! The Markle Makeover… Here you can see Meghan was modelling the ‘barely-there’ eyebrows back in 2011.

When you compare Meghan’s brows from 2011 to now, it is clear to see that she has had a brow-over. A combination of threading, waxing and tweezing is used to get this Audrey Hepburn inspired brow.

What are your thoughts on the power brow? Is this now something you will be requesting from your Brow Expert?

If you are a fan of the modern-day brow, you can come down to Marco Benito and have one of our Brow Experts help you get the Meghan look.