We’ve finally got that summer feeling here at Marco Benito, and we’re ready to jet off on our summer holidays! Your fingers and toes are summer ready, but ever wanted to keep that summer manicure looking as fresh as the day that you had them done? We’ve got four top tips for you to follow to make sure that they’ll stay perfect by the pool!

1. Moisturise & SPF

Keeping your skin hydrated and protected from the sun’s harmful rays are crucial for any summer break, but it also applies to your hands and nails! Make sure that you use a hydrating moisturiser with an SPF in to keep your hands and nails looking in tip top shape. Make sure you use a relatively high SPF too – no one wants bright red hands to match their mani!

2.  Oils

Although top coats help seal everything into place and help to stop the polish from chipping, unfortunately they don’t seal in hydration. Put a small amount of a vitamin enriched oil onto your cuticles and rub into the nail, this will keep your nails hydrated and looking super healthy. We can’t get enough of CND’s Solar Oil.

3.  File file file

If you do get any chips or cracks, just simply file them away. Avoid picking off the shellac or colour as this can really damage the nail plate and let’s face it, no one wants their nails to be bare on holiday! *quickly adds nail file onto holiday beauty check list*

4.  Avoid Chlorine as much as you can!

Chlorine is notorious for making your nail polish brittle and discolour, especially if you have gone for a classic nude manicure. So make sure you wash your hands once you’ve had a dip in the pool, then top your manicure off with some solar oil and you’re good to go!

Have you got any tips and tricks that you use to keep your summer manicure looking fresh? Let us know, send us a tweet to @marco_benito