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As Browvember comes to a close, we wanted to celebrate by showing you what our male clients thought about Browember. Despite generations accepting new ways, we are still in an age, where male grooming is ‘not very manly’ – our video will prove you wrong. We caught up with several males, who take part in grooming their eyebrows and have no shame in doing so.

We asked several clients questions to try and tap into their grooming regime – from what tools they use on their eyebrows, to why grooming is important to them. It was a very interesting experience, it has became common for no one to talk about male grooming. But there are males out there who are actually quite passionate about the subject.

Watch the Browvember Q&A here

We are working extremely hard to bring our clients more content, to give you a greater insight into what goes on at Marco Benito. What are your thoughts on our Q&A? Was there anymore questions you would have asked? We would love to hear feedback from you all.