There’s is no other feeling better than having freshly groomed eyebrows, a lot of people always ask for advice on how long to wait in-between getting them threaded again, and we can never give you a guaranteed time frame of when you should return, we can only advise. Everyone’s eyebrows will grow back at different times, typically though people usually get their brows done between 2-3 weeks.

To help you make those freshly groomed brows last as long as you can, there are certain things you can do to maintain the shape and feel of your eyebrows.


Yep, put those tweezers down! We generally say NO to tweezing in between your threading treatments as this can disrupt the hair growth, this will mean that the next time you have your eyebrows done you won’t get the same clean lines you’re after. If you really want to pluck them though we recommend only plucking the stray hairs that have grown around the shape of your eyebrows. Plucking too close to your eyebrows can ruin the shape!


If you’ve ever had your eyebrows done then you can relate to walking around with red, sore skin. Whether you’ve had them waxed or threaded, your eyebrows can look quite red (but who cares, right? ‘cos your brows are freshly groomed!). Applying a soothing aloe-vera gel on the skin around your eyebrows will soothe the redness and soreness, and it will also close and tighten your pores to prevent any breakouts!


Although it is veeeerrry hard not to have the urge to trim your eyebrows when they grow a bit too long you need to have some self-control! Don’t trim them until your next eyebrow treatment, trimming them too short can make your eyebrows look like they have holes and will look patchy as hell! If you feel like they are growing too long then opt for an eyebrow gel to tame those hairs into place. If anything, bushy, un-tamed brows are on trend right now so you won’t need to worry about feeling out of place!


Blunt. But yes, just let them grow. Your eyebrows will grow with the shape so just let them go along with the flow, it’ll make it easier for your brow technician to keep the same shape when you next visit!