• Selena Gomez


As each season passes by, nail colours come and go but you can always bet on bright pinks, yellows and oranges in the Summer time. But this year has taken a turn towards the cooler side…

This Summer, blue is going to be an on-trend nail colour – not your typical duck egg blue, but an electric blue which has followed Kim Kardashians new collection containing a similar coloured blue eyeshadow-coincidence? We think not!

Blue is as risky as a red. Will it smudge? Will I pull it off? Will it be too ‘out there’ for me? But this Summer is the PERFECT time to try it out. There’s very little to lose if everybody will be wearing it… blue commonly represents being sad hence the phrase ‘down in the blues’ but since the popular Netflix series “13 reasons why” blue is now seen as a way to show you support others with depression and that you are proud to! If you would like to show more support see what you can get involved in with the charity ‘Mind’ who support mental health issues.

This year is all about taking risks and trying new things so step away from your nudes, pinks and reds and dive into the deep end…

Will you dare to try the blue?

Let us know!