It’s that time of year again, the hen parties are coming in full force. Whether you are the maid of honour or attending a hen party, we have the top 7 must haves for hen party prep.


1.Meeting with fellow hens

A meeting with the other hens is crucial! How about if they have some amazing ideas that never even crossed your mind – always remember they may know things about the bride that you don’t… create a structured spreadsheet with different budgets that fellow hens can choose from.



Everyone needs a unique sash to wear and the bride must have a ‘bride to be’ one! Go one step further and get ones with nicknames on. We love the personalised sashes from “ohsquirrelshop” on Etsy and they even come in cute boxes which of course we ADORE.


3.Hen party survival kit

Everyone loves a goody bag… you could add so many things into a goody bag such as small bottles of prosecco, cupcakes or wedding day essentials – don’t forget to include some coffee and pain killers for that killer morning hangover!



Choosing the correct playlist for everyone is always hard but choose what the bride would like (maybe choose the era you grew up in?) and of course ensure that it will make the evening fun and upbeat. Can’t seem to find music to cater to everyone? Spotify has you covered with a hen party playlist.


5.Surprise the bride

At the hen party, gather all hens and the bride to be around a table and get each hen to bring along one item that will remind the bride of one funny/embarrassing time you shared together – that will be sure to make everyone laugh!



The location has got to be the trickiest part but we think it is important to create a balance between all fellow hens! Just remember the hen party is the last time you will spend with your friend before she gets married to the love of her life so make sure it is a time to remember. Air BnB have some great, affordable locations across the UK so  you don’t have to break the bank for this occasion.


7.Mr & Mrs quiz

A quiz is the perfect way to bring everyone together. Create around 20 questions where you ask the groom the questions then note down their answers. On the hen party, ask the bride the questions and see how many questions she can match with her future husband! Etsy have some great quiz ideas that you can put your own spin on!