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An Innovative Co-Working Salon 

Offering Comprehensive Beauty Services Provided by Specialists

  We believe the future of beauty is working together within creative communities to offer amazing experiences. We are creating this vision now at Marco Benito. If you can see yourself as a founder member of The Beauty Collective and wish to create your own future working with like minded people then:

Simply send an email and we will look forward to contacting you.

“Where futures start”

Full Time or Part Time

Employed or Self Employed

Lash Technicians 

Semi Permanent


Laser Hair Removal

Dermal Fillers

Brow Specialists


Hair Colorist

Trichologist & Haircare

 Curl Expert

Hair Extensions



Health Testing


The list could go on and on!

As Marco would say

“if it makes people feel great about themselves then we should provide the experience”

and we should speak to those who feel they can make a difference  


“We are looking forward to meeting you” Marco Benito

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