We all know that feeling when you’re scraping or twisting the last remains of your Brow product to ride out till the end of the working week and we all think “should I try a new product?” or “am I really getting my monies worth?”

Many people stick to the same brow product out of habit, but are you using the correct product for the results you want?

We’ve taken the products for a test drive & here’s what we found

  • A powder-based product is perfect for filling in brows and making them look fuller, not to necessarily define a shape, therefore powder is definitely the way to go if you have your desired shape but want a fuller and thicker looking Brow! And who doesn’t want that, right?
  • Brow pomade (a cream based pigment, usually found in a pot) is of a higher density and allows you to create a brow shape that you may not necessarily already have. With pomade, always be cautious with the amount of product you are using and always make sure your brow brush is clean- as too much product can leave your brows looking ‘block like’ and not natural at all.
  • Pencil is your ‘on the go’ option as you don’t need anything to accompany it (also great for brow beginners.) A pencil is always best used sharpened this is because it creates finer strokes which will create a natural look. A pencil needs to be used lightly to avoid a lot of product being transferred making the brows look false… after all, these are what frame your face! At Benito we would recommend a Brow pencil if you aren’t yet too confident in the Brow game. Remember, go easy on that pencil!

If you are completely over using a pencil and want to up your brow game, pomade seems to be the way to go! With a lot of makeup artists nowadays they are using Dipbrow pomade by Anastasia Beverly Hills. But we’ve found the perfect dupe! NYX Tame & Frame tinted brow pomade is just as good if not better due to it not drying out and at a price of £6.00 you can’t go wrong.

Which of the below is pomade, pencil or powder?