It’s nearly the witching hour of Halloween. We have some trick and treats of the best nail art inspiration for Halloween. Halloween nails is the way forward to make your Halloween look extra haunting. Take a look and inspiration from Benito’s top picks, of the best ghoulish nail accounts to follow on Instagram. Why not add some extra spook to your next Marco Benito manicure?

Providing the psychedelic vibes. If Billy Eilish is your halloween go to or style inspiration then these are the nails for you.
These little Casper’s are a great simple nail art to add a subtle twist of Halloween for your nails.
These pumpkins are a great choice as an Autumnal nail. These pumpkin spice nails are great for the Autumn season as well as Halloween.
These spooky nails really are a star stealer. Why not add some star nail art to your manicure to make it from Halloween to Christmas too.
These nails are really eye popping. The detail in the drawing is so convincing and is a style for any horror or comic fan.