Helping your precious brows stay ‘on fleek’ isn’t always just about visiting your Brow Bar every two weeks… It’s also about taking care of the skin around them after your treatments. Here’s what NOT to do after threading to avoid any bad brow days.

1. Forget to use Aloe Vera Gel
Aloe vera gel is the holy grail of tightening pores and soothing skin. After having your brows threaded its important to give the surrounded skin some TLC, forgetting to use aloe vera gel may leave your skin feeling irritated and red… Not a good look!

2. Bake Away
It’s definitely a good idea to steer clear of direct sunlight straight after you’ve removed the hair from your skin! It will probably be sensitive and direct sunlight can cause inflammation and sunburn… Hey, hats are a good look this season.

3. Filthy Paws!
Yes we know how incredibly soft the skin feels after threading, but try your hardest not to keep touching the skin with your fingers! This will transfer bacteria onto the skin potentially causing major breakouts.

4. Heavy Makeup
It can be quite tempting, after having your brows perfected, to put on your makeup and take a brand new brow-selfie for Instagram. However, applying heavy makeup and creams to the skin just after having your brows threaded may clog the open pores and cause breakouts… Be patient and take your selfie 24 hours after!

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